Hebrew School. Reimagined.

Fig Tree is an independent Jewish education program for children ages 3 – 13. The purpose of Fig Tree is to provide a rich and accessible Jewish education to kids from interfaith, interracial and/ or secular backgrounds- or simply to families seeking a Hebrew School alternative.  

Our mission is to instill pride and encourage growth of Jewish identity in our students, rooted in a strong foundation of Jewish religion, culture and heritage.

Parent Testimonials

Philosophy & Approach

The letters "F.I.G." in Fig Tree stand for: Foundation, Identity and Growth:

  • Fig Tree provides our students with an enriching and inspiring Jewish foundation;
  • We give ALL kids the space and tools with which to develop their own Jewish identities (however they choose to define them);
  • We nurture and celebrate our students' spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth, throughout the journey. 

Fig Tree looks at Jewish education in a new way. But that doesn't mean our content is "fluffy." Students of all ages receive rich, dynamic lessons in: Jewish holidays and life cycle, prayers and blessings, Torah, and Hebrew language- all while cultivating deep appreciation for Jewish heritage, culture and history. At every grade level, Fig Tree kids explore what it means to be Jewish through art, sensory play, drama, story telling, music, and even science. 

Above all, Fig Tree classes are fun and engaging. There are no lectures or rote memorization. This ain’t your bubbe’s Hebrew School!