Fig Tree offers families the flexibility to register for one semester at a time, or for all three semesters in the school year. 


For the 2017-18 School Year, our fees are as follows:


  • Core Fig Tree Trimester: $450 - $475 (varies by location)
  • Core Fig Tree Year (three trimesters): $1250 - $1325 (varies by location)
  • Hebrew Language (three trimesters): $1250 - $1325 (varies by location)
  • School Pick-Up Service per Trimester (where available): $100 - $120 (varies by location)
  • Materials Fee per Trimester: $25


  • Core Fig Tree Trimester: $625
  • Core Fig Tree Year (three trimesters): $1750
  • Hebrew Language (three trimesters): $1750
  • Materials Fee per Trimester: $25

Sibling & Multi-Class Discounts

We offer discounts to families with siblings who register two or more children at the same time, and/ or for families who register one child in two or more classes. Sibling and Multi-Class discounts are automatically applied at checkout. 

  • Siblings or one student in two or more trimesters: $25 off per registration
  • Siblings or one student in two or more year: $50 off per registration


Click below to register for the Full Year 2017-18, or for Fall 2017!