Sixth Grade Year

Fig Tree Sixth Grade Year is a values- and identity-based field trip program, in which students will explore one key theme: Jewish Identity in Time and Place(es). Students are challenged to think about Jewish identity throughout history, from the Middle Ages to present-day, with a thoughtful, in-depth exploration of 20th Century Jewish history and the Holocaust. In addition to classes, students will visit physical places of historical, religious or cultural significance, as a way to more deeply understand the importance of personal and communal Jewish identity.

The 6th Grade Year is an excellent precursor to the Fig Tree B'Nai Mitzvah Program


Though the Sixth Grade curriculum will follow the Jewish year of holidays and will touch on Judaic studies topics including ritual, culture, and text, the core focus of our Sixth Grade program is Jewish history: from Medieval times to present-day. The arc of the Sixth Grade Year is structured around field trips: with lessons, activities, text and discussion enabling deeper study about the physical locations, their "place" in Jewish history and culture, and their relevance within students' lives. 

Field Trip Schedule 

Families who register for Sixth Grade Year will receive a calendar closer to the start of the Fall semester. We will take one or two trips per trimester, and all field trips will take place on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required if a student has a conflict. Space permitting, parents/ guardians and siblings may also attend Sixth Grade Year field trips. Admission fees to specific locations are not included in student's registration. 

Field trips may include: the Tenement Museum, Eldridge Street Synagogue, Congregation Shearith Israel, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Ellis Island, various restaurants and/ or houses of worship, and walking tours in Brooklyn and Manhattan.