Shalom. Welcome.

We're glad you're here.

We are mothers and fathers. Aunties, friends, some bubbes.

Some of us were born to Jewish parents. Others are Jews by choice. Some of us are gay, some married, some straight. Some of us aren't even Jewish. 

Some of us are Black, or Italian, or half Japanese.

Secular. Observant. Puerto Rican and Reform.

None of that matters. And all of that matters. But what matters most is that we're here.

We've gathered here to teach our children something about themselves. 

Something greater than our parts. Something that honors their whole.

Our kids, you see, are Jewish. How they got here is of little consequence. Who they will become, well- that's another story. But it's one we can encourage them to write, in their own words.

Shalom. Welcome to Fig Tree.

We're glad you're here.