Hey Parents! Let your kids get their Hebrew School on while you spend a few more hours at the office. (Or at Soul Cycle. No judgement.)

How School Pick-Up Service Works

A friendly, responsible Fig Tree staff member will pick up students from their school dismissal location (classroom or other meeting spot) and will safely chaperone them to our Fig Tree class location on time for class. Pick-up is offered every day Fig Tree is in session; please consult the Fig Tree calendar for class dates. Note: We do not take into account individual school closings or events such as PD days or Parent Teacher Conferences.

We require a minimum of three students from each school (and/ or from each pick-up route).

New Locations

We would love to add new schools (and neighborhoods) to our School Pick-Up Service! To do this we require:

  • School within reasonable walking distance from Fig Tree class location
  • Minimum of three students
  • Dismissal time and walking route fits with existing schedule (or number of students warrants new route)

Current School Pick-Up Locations

For Fall 2017, our school pick-up locations are as follows:

Wednesdays in Brooklyn Heights (Fig Tree class location is Congregation Mount Sinai)

  • Tentative for Fall 2018: PS 261 at 2:40 PM
  • Mary McDowell at 3:10 PM
  • Packer at 3:15 PM
  • Saint Ann's at 3:25 PM

Thursdays in Ft Greene/ Clinton Hill (Fig Tree class location is Brooklyn Free School)

  • Arts & Letters at 3:10 PM
  • Compass Charter School at 3:45 PM


Register for "School Pick Up" by location in our registration system! 
The system will prompt you to provide relevant school information (student's teachers, classroom, dismissal location, etc.) at checkout. If you don't know those details yet, you can send at a later date.