First Question: What is this lovely object??
A: It is a vintage ceramic teapot from Jerusalem. It's also what we want for our birthday. No pressure. 

Locations and Days and Times- Oh my!

+ What are Fig Tree semesters?

There are three Fig Tree semesters, which reflect the seasonal themes of the Jewish calendar: Fall, Winter and Spring. Semesters can stand alone, or students can enroll for the entire year.

+ When are Fig Tree Classes?

For Winter 2015-16, Fig Tree classes are offered on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuedays and Thursdays are after school (4:00 PM) and Sundays are late morning (perfect for Mom and Dad to grab brunch). See our schedule for more info. As we expand, we will offer classes on other days of the week as well.

+ Where are your locations?

Fig Tree is based in Brooklyn, and for Winter 2015-16, we are offering classes in Clinton Hill, Fort Greene and Williamsburg (more here). Beginning in 2016, we will expand to other Brooklyn neighborhoods, other boroughs and perhaps across the river to NJ! See below for more info on where we go from there!

+ Can you offer classes on a different day/ different time/ different neighborhood?

You bet we can! And we absolutely plan to expand. If you have a specific day, time or neighborhood in mind, let us know!

Things We Parents Need to Know 

+ How long is each class?

Each Fig Tree class is 50 minutes long.

+ How long is each semester?

Fig Tree semesters consist of 10 classes, over the course of about three months.

+ How old does my child need to be to attend Fig Tree?

Fig Tree offers classes for kids ages 3 - 11, in Montessori-style mixed-age grade levels:

  • Pre-School: Children ages 3 and 4, and/ or in (or entering) Pre-K
  • K/ 1: Children in (or entering) Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • 2/3: Children in (or entering) 2nd and 3rd grade
  • 4/5: Children in (or entering) 4th and 5th grade

+ Are Fig Tree classes "drop-off"?

Yes. Because life's just more fun that way. However, for younger children who require extra TLC, parents or caregivers are welcome to sit in during the first class or two.

+ How much does Fig Tree cost?

One semester: $300 Materials fee per semester: $25 Discount for enrolling in the entire year (3 semesters): 5% Please see our Pricing page for more information.

+ Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. We offer a 5% discount when two or more siblings from the same family are enrolled in Fig Tree classes at the same time.

+ Do I have to enroll my child for the entire year?

No! And that is one of the wonderful things about Fig Tree. Parents have the flexibility to enroll in one, two, or all three semesters- and that can vary year to year.

+ Classes have already started for the semester. Can I still register my child?

Absolutely. You can still register up to three classes into any semester. We will pro-rate the registration for you, so you don't pay for the classes you missed. Email us, and we'll make it happen.

+ Do you offer make-up classes?

Because of the iterative nature of each semester, Fig Tree does not offer make-up classes. However, the schedule is carefully crafted to accommodate NYC public and independent school calendars, likely vacation schedules, and public/ religious holidays.

+ I'm still not sure if Fig Tree is for us. Do you offer a free trial class?

We sure do. And if this is your family's first encounter with Jewish education, we see this as an ideal first step. Register for a free trial class here, no strings attached.

Let's Ask Some Jewish Questions!

+ Are you affiliated with a particular branch of Judaism (e.g. Conservative, Reform, etc.)

No, we are not.

+ How "religious" is your program?

Our program is certainly a religious educational program. Our kids learn Torah, prayers and blessings in Hebrew, Jewish holidays, etc. However, we have no expectations or opinions regarding how our families do or do not practice Judaism. Some of our families keep kosher. Some celebrate Christmas. It's all good.

+ I'm Jewish and my partner is [insert other religion/ race/ ethnic background]. We aren't sure what our kids "are" yet. Is Fig Tree for us?

Fig Tree celebrates all Jewish families, of every flavor. Read our schmaltzy Welcome letter, and you'll catch our drift. The short answer is YES.

+ I'm athiest. You know what I'm going to ask.

Welp, we are a religious educational program, and that means G-d occasionally makes an appearance. That said, Fig Tree does not dictate belief to our kids or their families. As stated above, our families run the gamut from observant Jews to inter-faith (or potentially non-faith) families incorporating other religions into the home. We don't judge or assume; we just offer options and encourage exploration. You (and your kids) take it from there.

+ We aren't Jewish, but I want my kids to attend Fig Tree. Is that an option?

Of course! And why wouldn't you? Fascinating Torah stories, inspiring art projects, Hebrew language, fabulous holidays, smart teachers, lasting friendships.... what's not to love? ALL families are welcome at Fig Tree.

Everything Else

+ I don't live in Brooklyn, but I want my child to go to Fig Tree. Should I move?

Only you can answer that but Brooklyn is the "coolest city on the planet" according to a magazine headline we saw once. Just sayin'.

In all seriousness, while Fig Tree is currently offered in Brooklyn, but we may expand to other locations in the near future. Please contact us for more information.

+ Is Fig Tree a non-profit?

Fig Tree is a for-profit social enterprise, deeply committed to social justice, charity and environmental responsibility. Read more here.